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Getting MicroTweet

The source code for MicroTweet can be downloaded by clicking "Source Code" above. You can then build or modify the assembly for use in your own projects.

MicroTweet is also available as a NuGet package.

See the Samples folder for sample projects that show recommended usage patterns for this library.
Note: The sample projects are only included with the source code, and are not part of the NuGet package.

Using MicroTweet

First, add the following using statement to the top of your code file:
using Komodex.NETMF.MicroTweet;

NTP Class

The device's clock must be updated before sending a tweet.

TwitterClient class

Sending a tweet:
TwitterClient twitterClient = new TwitterClient("ConsumerKey", "ConsumerSecret", "UserToken", "UserTokenSecret");
bool tweetSent = twitterClient.SendTweet("Hello world!");
if (tweetSent)
    // Success!

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