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MicroTweet is now on GitHub!


MicroTweet is a native Twitter OAuth API library for the .NET Micro Framework. It can be used to post messages on Twitter from small, inexpensive devices such as the Netduino Plus.

MicroTweet is now available as a NuGet package! Click here for more details or simply use Install-Package MicroTweet to add MicroTweet to your project.

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Getting Started

  • When running the sample projects, make sure you copy Config.sample.cs to Config.cs before building the project.
  • To use the Twitter API you must first register an application with Twitter to get a set of API keys.
  • The following values must be entered in Config.cs:
    • Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for your Twitter application.
    • Access Token and Access Token Secret for your Twitter user account. (Click the "My Access Token" link on your app's page to get these keys.)
  • Remember to configure the project to deploy to your device rather than the .NET MF Emulator.


  • Each sample project is contained in its own VS solution. For .NET Micro Framework projects, the "Startup Project" setting has no effect on the build output so multiple projects must be contained in separate solutions to build and run correctly. (It is also possible to edit the build configurations but using separate solutions is easier.)

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